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Sustainability report

Quality & Standards

To maintain safety and quality, the Group stays current with

new regulations, industry best practices and marketplace

conditions and the Group’s businesses consistently strive

to improve and refine their requirements and standards

throughout the entire supply chain.

Each business has also developed and documented policies

and procedures that the business should exercise over

specified processes.


Food Division

’s production facilities, suppliers of

ingredients and packaging materials are required to comply with

stringent international standards and regulations, government

regulations and company policies, procedures, controls, and

good manufacturing practices applicable to their operations.

To ensure compliance with these requirements, we are subject

to a number of audits and inspections. This includes (but not

limited to) audits conducted by government and regulatory

authorities such the National Fisheries Authority of Papua New

Guinea and annual audits performed by independent third-

party organizations for the British Retail Consortium (for which

IFC achieved Grade A), International Food Standard, Dolphin

Safe, GMP, Marine Stewardship Council and Halal (JAKIM)


IFC is also subjected to the Business Social Compliance

Initiative (BSCI) Code of Conduct, which is based mainly on

the conventions of the International Labour Organization. We

are proud to report that IFC had retained BSCI rating of Grade

A (Excellent).


Product Information & Product Labeling

Product information and labelling requirements are stringent in

the jurisdictions where we operate and include disclosures on

date of manufacture and expiry, ingredients, components of

food additives (if any), nutritional information and instructions

for storage. Relaying product information to our customers

makes it easier for them to make more informed decisions and

product comparisons. During the year under review, there were

no incidents of fines/penalties imposed on the Group due to the

non-compliance of any product labelling regulation.

Purchasing Policy

IFC is committed to

buying tuna caught

by purse seine and

FAD-free only.




with suppliers, IFC ensures

that tuna procured and

processed do not contain

those which are Illegal,

Unreported or Unregulated



All required

certifications and

accreditations are aligned

with regulations, industry

best practices and

marketplace conditions

in which we operate.


IFC’s operations are

subjected to regular audits conducted

by government and regulatory

authorities such as National Fisheries

Authority of PNG, British Retail

Consortium, International Food

Standard, Dolphin Safe, HACCP,

GMP, MSC and Jakim (Halal).

IFC & FISB certifications


Continuously maintaining our cybersecurity is critical to data

integrity and sustaining trust amongst our stakeholders. The

Group maintains a comprehensive information security program

to protect our networks, information and communications

assets, notably and in particular, threats of malicious software

and phishing to email security. We review our IT policies and

processes from time to time to ensure adequate safeguards

are in place to prevent misuse and unauthorised access to

our systems and data. Further, we endeavour to strengthen

the security of our systems through the implementation of

management controls at all our offices.