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Sustainability report


soccer leagues. During the year, IFC became a partner sponsor

of the Morobe Football Association during the year and had also

provided funding for Besta PNG United FC with a commitment

of K100,000. IFC had also donated canned food to affected

communities in the Southern Highlands and Hela Province

following the earthquake that occurred in February 2018.

In Malaysia, the Group offered placements to 23 university

graduates to undergo 8 months on-the-job training in

various functions within the Group to gain the skills and

experience they need to access job opportunities through our

participation in and support of Skim Latihan 1Malaysia (SL1M).

Under the SL1M programme, graduates are offered a training

contract inclusive of allowances and benefits. Meanwhile, our

Indonesian subsidiary, PTNJL received 56 students from PDD

Politeknik Negeri Nunukan, Kalimantan and several regional

high schools to undergo a 2-month internship programme

during the year. In PNG, educational tours of IFC’s production

facility are regularly arranged with local schools to create

awareness of the fishing industry and canning processes.

The Titian Samara Programme is

designed to help bring out the best of the

students we work with while providing

them with mentoring, guidance and

emotional support. We are delighted to

benefit from KFIMA Group’s sponsorship

of this programme, as it has provided us

with an achievable set of aims that are

benefitting hundreds of young people.

Dr. Dzulkhaini bin Hj Husain

Persatuan Al-Hunafa President


We believe in contributing economically and socially to the

well-being of the communities where we conduct business.

Supporting economic and social development of the

communities in which we operate is the right thing to do for

our communities as well as for our businesses.

As part of our commitment to strengthening the local socio-

economic base, we provide jobs opportunities for the

communities near our projects. In tandem, the Group hires

and trains local employees at our job sites, providing technical

training and skills to improve workers’ wage-earning potential.

We also support local suppliers and entrepreneurs through

purchasing local goods and services. A successful example

of this can be seen in Indonesia where 89.8% of contracts for

goods and services have been awarded to small and medium-

sized local companies. In addition, 23.3% of the FFB processed

by the palm oil mill is purchased from smallholder farmers.

During the year we renewed our sponsorship of Titian Samara

Programme by Persatuan Al-Hunafa.

TheNGO’smission is to help secondary studentswith academic

and social problems to create a better future for themselves by

developing their life skills such as confidence, leadership, and

communication through personal development programmes

and mentoring. During the year, the programme focuses on 4

schools in Klang, Selangor and 1 school in Kelantan namely,

SMK Raja Lumu, SMK Pandamaran Jaya, SMK Telok Gadong

and SMK Kampung Jawa and SMK Laloh, Kuala Krai.

Apart from building and furnishing the mosques and schools

located within and around the plantation with the necessary

amenities, our PTNJL also funds the monthly allowance of

teachers and imams.

IFC has continued its support of aspiring local talents in

developing their skills through their participation in the local

In PKN, I was assigned to the Sales

Department where I assisted my

supervisor on projects relating to Passport

and travelling documents. The opportunity

has been invaluable as I was able to be

involved in PKN’s daily operations and

earn exposure through meaningful project

assignments. I also got to meet and work

with customers and authorities which have

helped improve my interpersonal skills.

Muhammad Syakir bin Sabaruddin

Bachelor of Human Sciences (Political Science) (Hons.)

- IIUM SL1M Trainee, Sales Department, PKN