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Kumpulan Fima Berhad (11817-V) •

Annual Report 2018

Stakeholders Areas of focus

Our approach

Memberships &


• Advancing industry-specific

matters with policymakers

and other key stakeholders

Our memberships provide a forum for us to promote and defend

our interests in the broader industry context, to learn from and to

benefit from their contribution.

Further, our participation and membership in various associations

ensure that we stay in touch with current and anticipated



• Quality control

• Business ethics

• Training & support

• Supply chain transparency

• Sustainability requirements

We require our suppliers to live up to sound social and

environmental standards. We also know that our suppliers expect

us to conduct our business fairly and honestly; hence establishing

trust and long-term relationships.

Collaborating with suppliers to secure long-term availability of

materials and to pursue future opportunities.


and local


• Licence to operate

• Compliance & regulations

• Land issues

• Level ‘playing fields’ for all


• Local economic development


• Corporate Responsibility


• Industry-specific matters

We are often a major economic contributor to the local and

national jurisdictions in which we operate. Our tax and other

contributions enable governments to develop and maintain public

works, services and institutions.

We proactively engage the government and regulators on policy

matters at local, provincial and federal levels and provide support

of national agendas.

Business Integrity and Internal Control

We require all businesses to implement appropriate levels of risk management to ensure compliance with all relevant legislation, our

Group health, safety and environment policies, our overriding business principles and Group policies relating to them, taking into

account business needs and local circumstances.

Each business has developed and documented policies and procedures to comply with the minimum control standards established

over specified processes, including procedures to mitigate risks, monitoring compliance and taking corrective action. Further details

of our risk management can be found in the Statement on Risk Management and Internal Control section of this Annual Report.

The Group also has a zero-tolerance approach to unethical practices, and every employee is accountable for ensuring that our

values are always upheld in all we do. A significant number of written agreements entered into by our businesses with their

respective vendors and customers include specific anti-bribery and corruption clauses.

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) comprise 17 goals and 169 associated targets that address the world’s

most pressing economic, social and environmental challenges. The SDGs are the result of years of multi-stakeholder engagement

among governments, NGOs and business.

The private sector plays an important role in achieving the SDGs. We have identified 8 goals that correspond most and are relevant

to our businesses. We contribute towards the achievement of the SDGs through our direct business activities; among them, the

products we produce and the way we produce them; the use by host governments of the taxes we pay, the direct and indirect

employment opportunities we create, our supply chain and our voluntary social investments.