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Sustainability report


Since 2011, all biomass residue from our PTNJL palm oil mill

in Indonesia is either converted into fertiliser/compost or clean

energy. In the case of the latter, mesocarp fibre, palm shell

and shredded EFB are utilised as feedstock for the steam

boiler and the steam generated therefrom will then fuel the

steam turbine in the cogeneration plant. The impact from

the utilisation of biomass as renewable energy has been

significant. The electricity and heat energy generated from

the cogeneration plant is used to power the oil mill, worker’s

quarters and as well as government facilities, schools and

mosque. In FYE2018, 6,571,920 kWh of electricity was

generated which is equivalent to 528 homes’ electricity use

for one year* (FYE2017: 5,420,030 kWh).

• Transitioning to LED lights for our corporate offices.

• Employees are encouraged to power down computers,

printers and lights in areas that are not in use.

• Switching from paper cheques to e-payments for a majority

of transactions which also improves business efficiency.

• We gave preference to sustainable and eco-friendly materials

for our Head Office refurbishment works which included

repurposed wood cabinetry for the pantry and carpets which

are Green Label Plus certified and had recycled content.

• Replacing old appliances with ENERGY STAR certified


• Recycling bins are strategically placed in and around the

Head Office premises.

• Introduction of e-payslips removes the need for the

production and circulation of paper-based payslips, allowing

employees to view the information online.

• Our fax system automatically images incoming faxes and

archives them to prevent paper waste.

• Majority of our offices use Forest Stewardship Council/

KHAN-NA paper sourced from sustainable, managed


• Used coffee grounds are applied as fertiliser for the garden

at Group Head Office. It is 100% organic material and helps

to improve drainage, water retention and aeration in the soil

as well as assisting microorganisms to thrive and attract

earthworms, which are beneficial for plant growth.

*Source: US EPA calculator