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Kumpulan Fima Berhad (11817-V) •

Annual Report 2018




Many of our activities are highly

regulated by laws and regulations

relating to health, safety, environment

and community impacts. We are

committed to complying with the

laws and regulations of the countries

in which we conduct business and,

where applicable, to exceeding legal

and other requirements that are less

stringent than our own because we

believe high governance standards

are integral to creating long-term value

and maintaining our social licence to


Our Board governs the Company and

oversees our sustainability approach

with dedicated Board committees

assisting with oversight and monitoring.

Each committee has its own charter

setting out its roles and responsibilities.

The Group Sustainability Committee

steers our sustainability activities

and is presently chaired by a Senior

Independent Non-Executive Director of

Fima Corporation Berhad and reflects

Managing Director of KFima and other

members of senior management.

In addition, ad-hoc committees are

established to deal with particular sets

of ongoing issues.

The business units are also responsible

for adapting sustainability strategies

to their operating needs, as well as

providing the resources needed for its

implementation. They align their brands

and technologies, and the sites involved

to sustainability in line with the specific

challenges and priorities of their

business portfolio.

The Corporate Governance Overview

section of this Annual Report and our

website at

corporate-governance.html sets out our

principles and policies in more detail.

all areas of the Group. At management

level, the Heads of Division comprises

the Group’s most senior executives.

There is a delegations of authority

framework that clearly outlines those

matters delegated to the Group