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Sustainability report

We define sustainability in a way that

brings responsibility and accountability

into every activity and process while

building a successful business. Doing

business with sustainability in mind is

not only a matter of balanced corporate

responsibility but is also sensible from

a business perspective. We can only

retain our competitive edge if we entirely

dedicate ourselves to our customers,

our employees, our services, the

environment and the local communities

where we operate.

As our sustainability practices evolve,

we know we must focus on what’s

right for our business. We care deeply

about issues such as the health and

safety of our employees, environmental

protection, product quality and safety,

resource conservation, support for the

communities we operate in and returning

profits to our shareholders. Towards this

end, we will continue to work with our

stakeholders and others on common-

ground sustainability efforts.

Reporting What Matters

The content included in this Report

has been selected through a structured

process which is aligned with our

business strategy and the needs of

our stakeholders. Our approach to

reporting is guided by Bursa Malaysia’s

Sustainability Reporting Framework

and also reflect changes and trends

in our operating environment, risks

and opportunities that could affect our

value creation process and the Group’s

strategic objectives across three

key pillars: Marketplace, Social and


We are currently in the midst of





sustainability reporting processes and

the work is still ongoing. In doing so

we engaged with various teams from

within the Group and across all parts

of our business, gathering opinions and

suggestions in both formal and informal

settings to form the substance of this

Report. This Report highlights some of

our key sustainability issues and how

we are presently addressing them. We

define key issues as those issues that

can, or in fact do, have a significant

impact on our sustainability performance

and ultimately in uence


outcomes as we believe that the long-

term viability of our business rests on

our ability to manage those issues. In

the coming year, we will give a higher

profile to the communication of different

aspects of our sustainability programme

to our employees as we intend to set

measurable environmental targets.

Identify issues

that could have an impact

on the Group’s value

creation process as well

as internal strength,

weaknesses and broader

contextual trends

Evaluate their

significance to the

Group and their impact

on stakeholders

Priorities matters

based on their relative


Determine matters

to be disclosed in

the report