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Sustainability report


Other negotiated terms and conditions of employment

contained in our collective agreements include, among others,

matters such as wages and performance management.

During the year, the Group did not experience any situations

with the unions that resulted in a work stoppage.

Malaysia Indonesia

Total No of Employees



Unionized Employees



% of Unionized Employees

17.2% 15.5%

We are against any forms of forced labour and underage

workers, and we rigorously enforce these principles at all our

places of work. Each employee’s profile and identity document

are maintained in our HR data system, and we continuously

monitor compliance with the minimum legal working age

requirements enforced by the local authorities in the countries

where we operate our businesses. All employees work on their

own free will and without coercion. During the year, there has

been no incidence of child or forced labour in the Group.

All our operations have grievance mechanisms that are

accessible, accountable and fair, enabling concerns to be

raised without fear of recrimination. This includes the Group’s

‘whistleblowing’ policy and procedures in place for any

issues identified. Our whistleblowing policy can be viewed at

Benefits and Welfare

The Group’s compensation structure includes fixed and

variable components depending on the employee’s job grade.

Each location within the Group has its own locally defined

employee benefit schemes. For eligible employees, these


• contributions to retirement fund;

• medical benefits for outpatient, specialist and

hospitalisation treatment for employees, spouse and

eligible children;

• group term life and personal accident insurance;

• alternative working hours;

• provision of housing with clean running water and

sanitation to our plantation workers.

The Group pays at least minimum wage as required by law in

the countries in which the Group operate and in no areas of

operation does minimum wage varies by gender.

In Indonesia, PTNJL’s employee wellness is managed through

an on-site clinic staffed by full-time clinic assistants. PTNJL

also provides free transportation for the workers’ children to

nearby local schools. There is also a crèche at the estate which

is subsidised by the company that caters to the needs of the

plantation staff and workers. The provision of these facilities

has enabled women to join PTNJL’s workforce.