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Kumpulan Fima Berhad (11817-V) •

Annual Report 2018


During the year, the

Bulking Division

continued its long-

standing tradition of rewarding children of employees who

have excelled in the UPSR, PT3 and SPM examinations

with cash incentives. In IFC, 213 employees received cash

incentives in recognition of their long-term commitment to

the company.

Employees are also encouraged to participate in numerous

activities organised by Kelab Sukan Fima and/or Badan

Keluarga including, among others, monthly Al-Quran Tafseer

classes, Tazkirah Ramadhan, Ramadhan Iftar function,

Hari Raya Open House and potluck. Family days, weekend

retreats, sports activities and festive gatherings were also

regularly organised at the divisional level.

At the Group’s Ladang Ayer Hitam in Johor, 0.25 acres of

land plus resources such as seeds and fertiliser have been

allocated by the estate management for employees to

cultivate lemongrass, chillies, ginger and turmeric. Meanwhile,

in Ladang Kota Tinggi, employees use the land to grow

bananas, vegetables and corn (when in season). At the end

of the harvest, they get to take their produce home for their


The Company had subsidised the cost of enrolment in the

iCerdik Program™ for 37 children of KFIMA Group employees.

iCerdik Program™ is an interactive learning program that

online revision site that can help students to get the best

possible results. Contents of iCerdik Program™ is in line with

the curriculum set by the Ministry of Education. This program

provides a dynamic way to learn beyond the traditional

classroom with ready access to online resources and exam

papers. It also enables parents to engage in their children’s

education at home and monitor the progress thereof.

In February 2018, Group employees and their family

members helped plant 200 bakau kurap or rhizophora

mucronata saplings at the Kuala Selangor Nature Park as

part of the efforts to sustain and conserve the mangrove

ecosystem. Participants were also briefed on the importance

of mangroves to the ecosystem as they serve as a barrier

against tidal waves and erosion; and play a vital role in

stabilising the climate as they are a major carbon sink and

oxygen source.

I had a great time during the

excursion. I learned many things,

mostly how the mangroves have

help the people, protect the

community, and give life to living

creatures. I can’t wait to see how

big the saplings have grown, from

when we planted them this year!

Nur Raieysah Audadie

10 years old, daughter of a KFIMA employee