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Step 1 – Register Online with Boardroom Smart

Investor Portal (for first time registration only)

Note: If you have already signed up with Boardroom

Smart Investor Portal, you are not required to

register again. You may proceed to Step 2 on eProxy


a. Access website


b. Click <<Login>> and click <<Register>> to sign

up as a user.

c. Complete registration and upload softcopy of

MyKad/Identification Card (front and back in

JPG/PNG format only) or Passport (in JPG/PNG

format only).

d. Please enter a valid email address and wait for

Boardroom Share Registrars’ email verification.

e. Your registration will be verified and approved

within one (1) business day and an email

notification will be provided.

Step 2 – eProxy Lodgement

a. Login to


your user ID and password above.

b. Go to “eProxy Lodgement” and browse the

Meeting List for "KFIMA 48


Virtual AGM”. Click


c. Read the terms & conditions and confirm


d. Enter the CDS account number and the total

number of securities held.

e. Select your proxy – either the Chairman of the

Meeting or individual named proxy(ies) and

enter the required particulars of your proxy(ies).


Indicate your voting instructions – For, Against

or Abstain, otherwise your proxy will decide your


g. Review and confirm your proxy appointment.

h. Click submit.


Download or print the eProxy form


3.4 If you wish to participate in the 48


Virtual AGM

yourself, please do not submit any proxy form for

the 48


Virtual AGM. You will not be allowed to

participate in the 48


Virtual AGM together with a

proxy appointed by you.

3.5 If you have submitted your proxy form prior to

the 48


Virtual AGM and subsequently, decide to

participate in the 48


Virtual AGM yourself, please

write in to

to revoke the appointment of your proxy(ies) 48

hours before the 48


Virtual AGM. Your proxy(ies) on

revocation would not be allowed to participate in the



Virtual AGM. In such event, you should advise

your proxy(ies) accordingly.

4. Corporate Shareholder

4.1 Corporate shareholders who require their corporate




AGM must deposit their proxy form or certificate

of appointment of corporate representative to the

Boardroom Share Registrars’ office not less than

48 hours before the time of holding the 48



AGM. Alternatively, the proxy form or certificate of

appointment of corporate representative may also

be send to Boardroom Share Registrars via email at

5. Voting Procedures

5.1 The voting will be conducted by poll in accordance

with Paragraph 8.29A of Bursa Listing Requirements.

5.2 The Company has appointed Boardroom Share

Registrars as the Poll Administrator to conduct

the poll by way of electronic voting (“e-Voting”)

and Boardroom Corporate Services Sdn Bhd as

Scrutineers to verify the poll results.

5.3 During the 48


Virtual AGM, the Chairman will

invite the Poll Administrator to brief on the e-Voting

housekeeping rules. The voting session will

commence as soon as the Chairman calls for the poll

to be opened and until such time when the Chairman

announces the closure of the poll.

5.4 For the purpose of the 48


Virtual AGM, e-Voting will

be carried out using personal smart mobile phones,

tablets, personal computers or laptops.

5.5 The Scrutineers will verify the poll result reports

upon closing of the poll session by the Chairman.

Thereafter, the Chairman will announce and declare

whether the resolutions put to vote were successfully

carried or not.

6. Remote Participation and Electronic Voting

6.1 Please note that all members including

(i) individual

members; (ii) corporate shareholders; (iii) authorised

nominees; and (iv) exempt authorised nominee


use the RPEV facilities to participate and vote remotely

at the 48


Virtual AGM.

6.2 If you wish to participate in the 48


Virtual AGM, you

will be able to view a live webcast of the 48



AGM, ask questions and submit your votes in real

time whilst the 48


Virtual AGM is in progress.

6.3 Kindly follow the steps below on how to request

for login ID and password and usage of the RPEV


kumpulan Fima Berhad


Annual Report 2020