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Engaging Stakeholders

Our stakeholders’ expectations revolve around good returns, sustainable profits, growth, regulatory compliances,

transparency and accountability. We respond to our stakeholders’ expectations in different ways, both formally and informally,

depending on the nature and scale of the issue. These interactions are crucial as they shape how we define and execute our

strategy to enable us to tackle some of the significant challenges facing our operations – problems that affect everyone along

our value chain and to seek beneficial solutions on concerns that no entity can solve on its own.



Our people

• Job security and wages

• Conducive workplace

• Career development

• Corporate activity

• Health and safety

• Group’s growth development

Our strategy is to invest in the attraction, retention and

development of a diverse and talented workforce.

Aligned with our values of open communication,

empowering others, safety, respecting all our stakeholders

and acting ethically by offering diverse employment

prospects, opportunities for development, and competitive

rewards and benefits that have a clear link to performance.

The Group has in place a Whistleblowing Policy and grievance

procedures to address employees’ cares and concerns.


and investors

• Delivering profitable returns on


• Financial strength & resilience

• Disclosing timely, concise and

relevant information

• Upholding corporate values

• Business sustainability

We respond:

• through timely disclosures of the Group’s financial results,

announcements, annual reports and via the Company’s


• by disseminating material issues to the market through

Bursa announcements.

• through continued improvements in our business

strategies, governance framework and corporate


• through engagements at General Meetings.


• Changing needs of customers and


• Business ethics

• Innovation

• Supply chain/traceability issues

• Health & safety

• Certification

We seek to be honest and fair in our relationships with

customers and to provide standards of product and services

that meet their requirements.

We take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety and quality

of the goods we produce and the services we provide.

Certifications obtained to support market credibility.


• Economic empowerment/


• Community safety and health

• Environmental protection

Our operations create employment and career development

opportunities for our local communities, as well as business

opportunities for local suppliers.

Communities also benefit from improved standards of living

from, inter alia, the infrastructure we put in place, welfare

contributions as well as aid during times of adversity and/or


Memberships &


• Advancing industry-specific

matters with policymakers and

other key stakeholders

Our memberships provide a forum to promote and defend

our interests in a broader industry context, to learn and to

benefit from their contribution.

Further, our participation and membership in various

associations ensure that we stay in touch with current and

anticipated developments.

Annual Report 2020

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