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We a cknowl e dge

that managing the Group’s environmental

impacts through sustainable practices is a

moral and social imperative as well as an

economic necessity.

Efficient management of resources will not only limit our

carbon footprint, but it can also lead to significant operational

and financial benefits to the Group as a whole. The Group’s

Environmental Policy which prescribes our approach and

commitment to managing our environmental footprint across

our business includes the following objectives:

• to comply with all relevant environmental regulations, legal

criteria, guidelines and codes of conduct specific to our


• create environmental knowledge around the Group by

successful collaboration, training and sharing of practices;

• continuously evaluate and track the environmental

implications of all of our corporate practices and enforce

effective environmental protection strategies;

• enable the protection of biodiversity and natural areas

situated around or within our operating locations;

• encourage the efficient use of natural resources, particularly

energy and water, to reduce the emission intensity of our

operations and supply chains;

• minimises the production of raw material waste and

eliminates, reuse or recycling of industrial waste where


• participate with local communities and other stakeholders to

resolve any environmental issues;

• ensure that our suppliers or vendors recognise our

commitment to environmental protection and, where

necessary and realistic, allow them to include the required

performance reports as requested.; and

• continuously encourage and actively support zero burning

programs in our plantation operation.