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We define sustainability in a way that brings responsibility and

accountability into every activity and process while building a

successful business. Doing business with sustainability in mind is not

only a matter of balanced corporate responsibility but also sensible

from a business perspective. We can only retain our competitive edge

if we dedicate ourselves to our customers, employees, services, the

environment and local communities where we operate.


env i ronment

s oc i a l

gov e rnanc e

As our sustainability practices evolve,

we must focus on what’s right for

our business. We care deeply about

issues such as health and safety,

environmental protection, product

quality, resource conservation,

support for the communities and

returning profits to our shareholders.

By improving the impact of our own

operations, enabling sustainable

solutions for our customers, and

advocating sustainable business,

we believe that can grow faster and

reduce our cost and risk profile.

Towards this end, we will continue to

work with our stakeholders and others

• GHG Emissions, Discharges & Waste


• Use of renewable energy and

efficiency of energy use

• Human & worker’s rights

• Occupational safety & health

• Code of ethics & governance

• Benefits & remunerations

• Accountability & transparency to


• Compliance & regulations

on common-ground sustainability


Our business strategy recognises our

responsibility to our stakeholders – to

deliver shared value and long-term

sustainability. Through responsible

actions and behaviours, continuously

improving our environmental

performance, building trust and

ethically operating to the highest

standards of corporate governance

and empowering our employees. This

approach underlines our conviction

creating shared value for our

stakeholders and ourselves contributes

to KFima becoming a more successful

and sustainable enterprise now and in

the future. And it means having strong

governance and oversight that started

at the top with the Board of Directors

and carried out through dedicated

policies, management systems, teams

and senior-level accountabilities.

The following materiality topics across

three key pillars –environmental, social

and governance were identified as

the most material to the Group, which

align well with management focus and


Environmental & social

responsibility in our supply chain

Building strong and respectful

relationships with stakeholders

Health, Safety & Development of

our employees and communities

Governance & Responsible

Business Practices

Operational resource and


Our divisions have established sustainability working groups, which today consists of over 34 employees. Their roles are to

assess, measure and report the sustainability performance of their respective operations. Increasing the maturity of internal

processes will, in turn, help in increasing the level of assurance of our sustainability reporting. In addition, we have also

engaged an independent consultant to review our environmental reporting processes.

Annual Report 2020

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