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Annual Report 2017


We define sustainability in a way that brings responsibility and accountability into every activity and process while

building a successful business. Doing business with sustainability in mind is not only a matter of balanced corporate

responsibility, but is also sensible from a business perspective. We can only retain our competitive edge if we fully

dedicate ourselves to our customers, our employees, our services, the environment and the local communities where

we operate.

As our sustainability practices evolve, we know we must focus on what’s right for our business. We care deeply about

issues such as the health and safety of our employees, environmental protection, product quality and safety, resource

conservation, support for the communities we operate in and returning profits to our shareholders. Towards this end,

we will continue to work with our stakeholders and others on common-ground sustainability efforts.

In this Report, we highlight the three focus areas that are relevant to our businesses and of interest to our stakeholders,

and looks at the Group’s performance at each of these areas. Our approach to reporting is guided by Bursa Malaysia’s

Sustainability Reporting Framework which comprises amendments to the Listing Requirements, the Sustainability

Reporting Guide and Toolkit thus providing stakeholders with a more comprehensive view of the Group’s sustainability




Our stakeholders’ expectations revolve

around good returns, sustainable

profits, growth, regulatory compliances,

transparency and accountability. We

respond toour stakeholders’ expectations

in different ways, both formally and

informally, depending on the nature and

scale of the issue. These interactions are

crucial to enable us to tackle some of the

major challenges facing our operations

– challenges that affect everyone along

our value chain, and to seek beneficial

solutions on concerns that no entity can

solve on its own.