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Since 2016, the Boards of KFima and its listed subsidiary, Fima Corporation Berhad, meet for 3 days to

review, discuss, debate and approve the Group’s strategy. This is both an opportunity for the Boards

to reflect on progress made to date and helps shape the Group’s plans for the coming years. It also

provides an opportunity for the Board to discuss and challenge proposed and alternative investment

choices and portfolio moves, as well as providing a forum for the Boards to assess whether or not

the respective business units have achieved the right balance of challenge and conservatism in its

strategic ambitions.

During the Board Retreat held in March this year, the Group Managing Director and senior

management presented their strategic plans for each business segment. These plans were

deliberated and challenged by the Non-Executive Directors who shared their views and perspectives

drawing on their backgrounds and business experiences. The agenda also included discussions of

the strategic choices and issues for each business area; the resulting financial outlook expected

for the Group; and the capabilities (people, process and technologies) required to deliver the next

phase of the Group’s strategy.

The Retreat considers ideas for the potential opportunities, risks and actions over the next three years.

In particular, the Boards discussed initiatives to deliver growth in identified business areas. Valuable

insights were gained from the Retreat and these along with other ‘agreed next steps’, as the case

may be, will be reflected in the respective businesses’ actions plans and strategies moving forward.

The Boards will receive information and updates at full board meetings throughout the year to remain

engaged and informed on these priorities and initiatives.

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