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any of our activities are highly regulated by laws and

regulations relating to health, safety, environment and

community impacts. We are committed to complying

with the laws and regulations of the countries in which we

conduct business and, where applicable, to exceeding legal

and other requirements that are less stringent than our own

because we believe high governance standards are integral

to ensuring the Group’s future viability andmaintaining our

social license to operate.

We have a comprehensive system of stewardship

and accountability that meets the requirements of all

applicable rules, regulations, standards and internal and

external policies.

Our diverse and highly engaged Board of Directors

brings a range of viewpoints and deep expertise

that helps ensure effective oversight of our strategic

priorities and operations, having regard to the interests

of shareholders, customers, suppliers and the wider

community. The Board is supported by dedicated Board

committees, each with its own charter setting out its

roles and responsibilities. The Group Sustainability

Committee steers our sustainability activities and is

presently chaired by a Senior Independent Non-Executive

Director of Fima Corporation Berhad thus ensuring that

we have Board-level oversight of the critical sustainability

issues affecting the business and how they should be

managed. At management level, the Heads of Division

comprises the Group’s most senior executives. There is

a delegation of authority framework that clearly outlines

those matters delegated to the Group Managing Director

Accountability and reporting

Delegation and oversight

Delegation and oversight

Accountability and


Accountability and


The Board delegates powers to the Group

Managing Director for all matters except those

reserved for the Board or it’s Board Committees

The Company Secretaries role is to support

the Board and its Committees

Sets the direction and

translates Group’s

strategy into clear

expectations, standards

of performance and

behaviour for their


board of directors

company secretaries

senior management



audit & risk


nomination &





group managing director

risk management committee

Group sustainability committee

disclosure committee

ad-hoc committees & teams

heads of divisions

- Internal auditor

- External auditor

- Legal & professional


of KFima and other members of senior management. In

addition, ad-hoc committees are established to deal with

particular sets of ongoing issues.

The business units are also responsible for adopting

sustainability strategies to their operating needs,

as well as providing the resources needed for its

implementation. They align their brands, technologies

and sites involved in sustainability with the specific

challenges and priorities of their business portfolio. In

addition, our suppliers and contractors are also required

to observe the Group’s commitments on issues such as

health and safety, environment, human rights and local

labour laws.

The Corporate Governance Overview section

can be read in our Annual Report and website at

We also require all our business units to implement

appropriate levels of risk management to ensure

compliance with all relevant legislation, health, safety and

environment policies, our overriding business principles

and Group policies relating to them, taking into account

business needs and local circumstances.

Each business has developed and documented policies

and procedures to comply with the minimum control

standards established over specified processes,

including procedures to mitigate risks, monitoring

compliance and taking corrective action. Further

details of our risk management can be found in the

Statement on Risk Management and Internal Control

section in the Annual Report.


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