Nationality/ Age: Malaysian/ 50

Gender: Male

Date of Appointment: 11 October 2002

Date of Last Re-election: 22 September 2015

Academic/ Professional Qualification(s):

  • ACCA with Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Accounting and Finance

Past Appointment(s):

  • Auditor, Messrs. Ernst & Young (1993-1998)
  • Senior Vice President, Corporate Services, Kumpulan Fima Berhad (“KFIMA”) (1998-1999)

Present Directorship(s) of Public and Listed Companies:

  • Managing Director, Fima Corporation Berhad
  • Chairman and Director, Narborough Plantations Plc
  • Director, Fima Bulking Services Berhad (non-listed)
  • Director, Malaysian Transnational Trading (MATTRA) Corporation Berhad (non-listed)

Membership of Board Committee(s):

  • Options Committee*

*The Options Committee was dissolved on 27 February 2017 following the expiry of the Company’s Employees Share Scheme on 17 November 2016.

Securities holdings in the Company:

  • Please refer to Disclosure of Directors’ interests on page 108 to 113 of Financial Statements 31 March 2017

Family relationship with any director and/or major shareholder of the Company:

  • NIL

List of convictions for offences within the past five (5) years other than traffic offences and particulars of any public sanction or penalty imposed by the relevant regulatory bodies during financial year:

  • NIL

No. of Board Meetings attended during the Financial Year:

  • 7/7